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Hotel with private garage in central milan

Staying at a hotel with its own private garage in Milan means that you’ll be able to enjoy a really comfortable and relaxing holiday in the city without having to worry about your vehicle.

The 4 star Mentana hotel is just a stone’s throw from a private garage where you can leave your car for a fee for the entire duration of your stay.

You can reserve a space for your car at the time of making your booking. This is a huge plus for those who are coming to Milan by car as it means you’ll be able to move around the city or the surrounding areas with ease as your car will always be readily available nearby.

The Hotel Mentana with private parking in the centre of Milan will make your arrival in the city by car completely stress free. This is a benefit which is particularly appreciated by those who often prefer to travel by car, such as families with children or elderly relatives.

You’ll be able to move around the city with ease in your own vehicle and get close to the hotel without having to take the tram, the metro or a taxi and makes it quick and easy to load and unload your luggage.

A hotel with private garaging, such as the Mentana in the centre of Milan, will enable guests to visit the city in their own vehicle without any hassle. It also makes it easy to set off and explore the different areas around the city, enjoying day trips to discover the beauties of the surrounding countryside.

There are numerous stunning places to visit, including sites of significant historical, artistic and cultural history:

• The 12th century Cistercian Abbey of Morimondo: 26.6 km;

• The artificial lake of Idroscalo, a perfect place for a relaxing walk: 12.8 km;

• The Royal Villa of Monza: 26 km;

• Lodi: 37.8 km;

• Como: 50 km;

• Bergamo: 55 km;

• The tiny church of the Santuario della Madonna del Ghisallo and the Cyclists Museum: 75.3 km;

• Cremona: 84.2 km;

• Lago di Garda: 132 km.

Choose a hotel with private garage in central Milan and book at the Hotel Menata.


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